I've recently noticed that if you delete a comment you made on a post, the other people who have liked or commented on that post still see the message at least once before it disappears!

Anyone experience this too?

No more Sneaky chuckles on friends wall when you know they aren't looking!

Also I've noticed Facebook not offering all its features to all its users. Early and exclusive availability of the new features to Facebook's chosen country user base, clearly provides competitive business advantage to them.

As a result of this; an example; Indian user base has embraced Whatsapp as it provides a higher quality local community with largely old contacts and family members to immediately finding each other virtually for the very first time! Facebook could never deliver that. Reason being there has been a spectacular revolution in the field of delivering User Experience (UX). There is no way to stop innovation, and innovation always demands change, solely for the advantage of the user!