Many of us use google for their products like Gmail and Google search. Most of us who use Gmail, sign in to our email and then also use Google search engine and continue surfing the internet.

Did you know that Google automatically records all your web history?

Yes this feature of Google does invade your privacy for the benefit of Google's advertisers and you are automatically opted in to share this information.

I was shocked when i discovered my daily surfing, such as all the keywords i used for searching and all the websites i visited were recorded on a daily basis by google..

Here is a screenshot which really really annoyed me:

Now if you are as shocked and disgusted as me, I am sure you would like to disable this "feature" and get on with your web life with more peace in your mind.

To do so, Use this URL and click on Turn off as shown in my screenshot below. You can also delete all the history from this page.

You have to click on the gear button on the upper right corner and choose, "settings" to get to the Turn off button, else all you see if your web history. So yes, there is a settings option inside the settings page! All the best!!

Kudos to Google to spin this web around us and make us suffer!