Here at ProWebSid, we regularly work on projects for clients that involve Video production and Podcasts. We also take on assignments which involve creating music and sound effects for Games (Mobile, PS4, Desktop, Flash/Browser based). Over the years we have settled in on one particular Stock Media provider - that has almost everything we need and fulfills all our requirements when it comes to Royalty Free Stock Music, Footage, SFX and Graphics.

We have also contributed to this amazing portal - by creating our Portfolio on the website and offer original music and sound effects for licensing purposes. The main man of ProWebSid, Sid himself was a full-time sound designer back in 2005 and at that time discovered ProductionTrax website. The level of reliability is excellent. Over the years, ProductionTrax has switched their interface a few times and never lost any data. It's great that their UI is finally fixed and working excellent for the Producer Dashboard as well. has  a varied and exhaustive list of clients, right from popular TV networks to Radio to Gaming to E-learning companies regularly buying Royalty Free Stock Media from them. The SFX section is particularly cool and has almost every kind of sound imaginable. Visitors can preview all the content on the website itself and download them. Licensing options are awesome as well. Depending on your budget you can opt for Exclusive or Non-exclusive licensing agreement for almost all media available on 

Becoming a contributor is easy and highly recommended. While there are hundreds if not thousands of websites today where you could upload your work and put it for sale, most of them are a hit or a miss. In our experience with Stock Media world so far, ProductionTrax has proven itself year after year! They also have an affiliate program that can enable you to mint 5% extra on your own work. The pricing of your own work is completely at your own discretion. For us as content creators, it is really annoying when a third party website tells us how much our media should sell for. Not! Here you have complete control over pricing and can experiment to see what works best for your agency or yourself. 

So whether you are Indie Game developer, E-learning graphics or animation artist or a Film and Television Studio executive, ProductionTrax is for you! Feel free to contact us if you need consultation on anything to do with Audio!